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Inventory of Digitization Projects: Completed & Ongoing Projects

This is not meant to be an exclusive listing of all digitization projects in Saskatchewan, but instead a representative sample of projects as identified by the organizations included in the Digitization Inventory Project. Many of these projects were developed in partnership, but are listed here only under the organization which assumed leadership of the project.

Note: * beside the project title denotes an ongoing project

Is there an update to your digital project? Or you don’t see your digital project on this list? Contact us so we can ensure that your information is added to our inventory.

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Allan Sapp Gallery

Virtual Museum: Through the Eyes of the Cree
This online exhibit connects the artwork of Allen Sapp with the recorded oral narratives of Cree Elders to create a history of the Cree People. Includes images and videos.

Anglican Church of Canada, Diocese of Saskatchewan Archives

* Catalogue of the Anglican Church, Diocese of Saskatchewan Archives
Creation of database catalogue listing the complete records of the archives. Archive includes textual records, maps, architectural drawings, and artefacts on the history of the area, immigration and the role of the church. Not online

Art Gallery of Prince Albert

* Influences of the Emma Lake Art School
A virtual exhibit on the Emma Lake Art School and its influence on art in Saskatchewan, specifically highlighting work in the Art Gallery of Prince Albert collection. Not online yet

Avonlea & District Museum

Avonlea's Prairie Pioneers
An online exhibit highlighting the lives of pioneers and immigrants in the area surrounding the town of Avonlea from 1890-1950. It includes photographs and audio and visual clips. The exhibit is keyword searchable.

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City of Regina Archives

Regina: the Early Years
Regina 's early years from the 1880s - end of World War II. It features about 500 images, text, photos and video clips.

City of Saskatoon Archives

Saskatoon : The Early Years (joint project with Saskatoon Public Library)
Complete details - see Saskatoon Public Library

Claybank Brick Plant Historical Society

A Little Brick Plant in the Middle of Nowhere
An online exhibit of the Claybank Brick Plant in Saskatchewan. The exhibit includes photographs, a virtual tour and former employees' stories. It is searchable by keyword and pre-selected subject terms.

Diefenbaker Canada Centre

Diefenbaker Archives Collection: OCLC Online
Online searchable database of the Diefenbaker archive collection (papers, photographs and audio-visual material accumulated by Mr. Diefenbaker during his life, including his Prime Ministerial papers). Currently text records only, no full-text.

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Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre

* Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre Collection
Onsite database of the museum’s collection with digitized images of all items. It includes pioneer, First Nations and Métis artefacts, documents, and photographs from 1870- 1905. Primarily for staff use, but available to researchers onsite upon request. Not online.

First Shot Rang Out: Battle of Duck Lake
An online exhibit of the Battle of Duck Lake, the first armed encounter of the 1885 Northwest Uprising between the Métis and the Northwest Mounted Police. Includes photographs, maps, documents and storylines from the different perspectives.

Estevan Art Gallery and Museum

Andrew King Show Print
A virtual exhibit of the posters created by Andrew King, a Saskatchewan printer who made advertising posters for carnivals and circuses using woodblock printing. The exhibit includes 200 images made from 1911-1958 and is searchable by keyword.

* Northwest Mounted Police Wooden Detachment
A virtual exhibit on the history of Northwest Mounted Police in the Estevan region. It will include a database of the museum collection, teacher's guide, student artwork, photographs, documents, photographs of artefacts. Currently in development. Not online

Gabriel Dumont Institute

* Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture
A virtual museum containing the following collections: Métis Community Photograph collection, Métis Oral History collection, Métis Artefacts, Saskatchewan Archives Board Métis Image Collection, New Breed Magazine, James Brady Papers. Browse collection or search by subject, title, author, etc.

Grand Coteau Heritage and Cultural Centre

* Collection Database
Database of the museum’s collection on the natural and social history of Shaunavon and surrounding area. The database has approximately 6,300 records with attached images for 90% of them. Currently for staff use only. Not online.

Through the Eyes of Everett Baker
Online exhibit on the work of Everett Baker, an amateur Saskatchewan photographer who photographed the social and natural history of the province from the late 1930s to the early 1970s. Browse or search by keyword or subject category.

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Humboldt and District Museum & Gallery

* Internal Database of Museum Collection*
An internal collection database with 12,084 textual records. The are currently attaching digital images to the records (44% complete). The collection includes Humboldt & area history from 1878-present (pioneer, natural history, town archives). Not online.

A Line Through the Wilderness: the Humboldt Telegraph Station
A virtual exhibit on the history of the telegraph station in Humboldt, the lives of its operators, George and Catherine Weldon and its role in the 1885 uprising at Batoche. The exhibit includes images, photographs, documents and other materials.

John Dolan Resource Centre – Saskatchewan Association for Community Living

* Dialect (organization newsletter)
Website links to PDF versions of the bi-annual newsletter of the organization: articles of interest to teachers and parents of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

School to Life Transition Handbook
A PDF version of their handbook for life planning for students with intellectual disabilities.

Law Society of Saskatchewan Libraries

* Newsletters of Law Society of Saskatchewan
PDF versions of the organization’s newsletters – Bencher’s Digest Practitioner Journal, Saskatchewan Bar Association and Law Society’s Gazette.

The Builder's Lien Act Manual
A PDF version of their manual on the Builder's Lien Act.

* Judgements from Saskatchewan Courts
A database of the judgements from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, Court of Queen's Bench, and Provincial Court from 1994 to date. Database has 15, 500 records, full-text 9900.

Legislative Library

* Conversion of Older Card Catalogue
The library is converting older catalogue items (prior 1980) to electronic format. The project follows patrons’ requests for older material.
Online as part of their catalogue

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Mackenzie Art Gallery

* Internal Database: Permanent Collection of MacKenzie Art Gallery
A database with text records and images for the 3,500 items in the permanent collection (includes contemporary and historical SK, Canadian and International work as well as other special areas). It is accessible only to staff and authorized researchers. Not online.

Online Database of the Permanent Collection
Online database of the permanent collection: textual records for all of the items including digitized images of 50% of the items. The collection includes 3,500 items: contemporary and historical Saskatchewan, Canadian and International work.

Mendel Art Gallery

* Qu'appelle : Past, Present and Future
A virtual exhibit on the Qu'Appelle region. It is still in development, but will include photographs and artwork. Not online.

Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery

Like a Falling Leaf - The 1954 Plane Collision Over Moose Jaw
A virtual exhibit on the 1954 airplane collision over Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The exhibit includes archival images and documents and is searchable using pre-selected subject terms or by a keyword search.

* Museum Collection Database
A database of the museum and gallery's collection, which includes text records with attached images for the majority of the items. The collection focuses on visual arts and social (human) history of the region. Not online.

North Battleford City Archives

* Database of Archive's Catalogue
The creation of an electronic database of the archive's catalogue. Upon completion, it will be accessible via the city's website. Not online.

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Pahkisimon Nuye?áh Library System

Northern Heritage Collection
The project consisted of 8000 slides digitized onto CD-ROM: images of past events, places and activities in Northern Saskatchewan. CD-ROMS were distributed to schools in the region, but images are also included in the virtual exhibit ‘The Saskatchewan Landscape’. Complete project not online.

Persephone Theatre

Photo Gallery
Photograph archive for past the 32 years of Persephone Theatre. The online gallery includes one photograph from each play produced and lists the actors. Photographs are arranged chronologically by performance year.

Regina Plains Museum

* A Window into the Regina Tornado of 1912
Upcoming online exhibit that will include interviews, maps, and over 120 photographs on the Regina Tornado of 1912. The collection will be searchable. Projected date of completion: April 2006. Not online.

* Internal Database of Collection
A collection database: currently 13,500 textual records (10% with attached images). It will eventually include the total collection (approximately 20,000 items). Collection includes pioneer items, domestic artefacts and historical records. Staff access only. Not online.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Training Academy Learning Resource Center

Community Policing Manual
A PDF version of their reference book on how to create a community profile. Hope to eventually have access over the internet, but access will be limited to RCMP. Not online.

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Centennial Museum

* RCMP Museum Photograph Collection
A collection of the photographs documenting the history of the RCMP from 1880-present. Searchable through an internal database, accessible for staff and authorized researchers. Project is in very early stages. Not online.

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

* Collection Database
Database of the museum’s collection: media library (slides, videos, records of exhibits, field records), reference library, equipment library, and main collection records (collection includes Saskatchewan’s natural and human history). Not online.

Interactive Learning Centres
Six theme centres on animals and the environment: Winter Survival “Tools”, Winter Survival ‘Skills’, Reproduction, Avoiding being Eaten, the Human Factor, and Obtaining Energy.

Architectural Heritage Society of Saskatchewan

Facade: Newsletter of the Saskatchewan Architectural Heritage Society
Website links to PDF versions of the organization newsletter - currently 8 copies from 2002-present (not complete set). Newsletter listed by date, not searchable, no indexing of articles.

Saskatchewan Archives Board

* Saskatchewan Archives Board digitized photo file.
An internal database of the digitized photographs from the collection. Photographs are digitized as requested by researchers for personal use and private study, broadcast, or publication in print or on the internet.
Not online

* The Settlement Experience in Saskatchewan, 1870-1930
An online exhibit documenting the Saskatchewan settlement experience. Using the homestead files, digitized images and sounds, the website highlights immigration policy, settlement of the Canadian West, pioneer communities, education, spiritual life, etc. Anticipated date of completion: March 2006. Not yet online.

* Regina Riot Enquiry Commission (The Populist Project: A Window on a Nation Building Experience)
As part of the Prairie Populism Project, the Saskatchewan Archives Board has digitized 10,000 pages of materials relating to the Regina Riot Enquiry Commission. The final project will have 30,000 pages of archival materials from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Not yet online.

* Saskatchewan 1905: The Birth of a Province
A virtual exhibit on the province’s evolution from being a part of the Northwest Territories to attaining provincial status in 1905. The website will give visitors a chance to go back in time and embark on a virtual journey through the SK of 1905. Not yet online.

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Saskatchewan Arts Board

Showcase: Samples of Saskatchewan's Literary and Performing Arts
15 streaming video clips of writers reading from their works, theatre and dance performances.

The Permanent Collection of Saskatchewan Arts Board
An online database of 2,500 art objects. Public access is to primarily text-only records with password-protected access to a full image database (available free for curatorial research). Also has six online exhibitions with images under a specific themes.

Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists

Combined Virtues: Saskatchewan's Ukrainian Legacy
An online exhibit on the history of Ukrainian settlers in Saskatchewan. The exhibit is divided into 5 subjects: education, arts & crafts, literature, politics and music & celebration. It includes text, photographs, and other archival documents.

A Doukhobor Song of Days
A virtual exhibit on the Doukhobors in Saskatchewan. It includes text, photographs, archival documents and music. It has a number of classroom activities for teachers related to Doukhobor history.

The Saskatchewan Archival Information Network (SAIN)
An online database of descriptions of archival material held in Saskatchewan archives. Fully searchable (title, names, keywords).

All Frocked Up: Glimpses of Cross-Dressing in Saskatchewan
A virtual exhibit on the history of female and male impersonation performed as entertainment in Saskatchewan. The exhibit includes archival photographs and is organized by themes.

Canada Quiz
An interactive quiz on Canadian history, which showcases archival photos and other materials.

Saskatchewan Quiz
An interactive quiz on Saskatchewan history with 30 questions. It includes archival photographs, documents, maps and text information on the questions asked.

Main Street, Saskatchewan
An exhibit showcasing archival photographs of the main streets of Saskatchewan towns. It includes more than 90 communities with images spanning the past century. Searchable by community name or geographic region.

Saskatchewan and the Visual Arts
A virtual exhibit on the development of the visual arts in Saskatchewan and the lives/ work of individual artists. It includes information on Saskatchewan art galleries, biographical information on selected artists and a brief history of visual arts in the province.

Medicare: A People's Issue
A virtual exhibit on the growth of medicare in Canada from 1905-1962. It includes 617 photographs, newspaper articles, posters, brochures, etc. Also includes a message from Roy Romanow on the future of health care.

The Avro Arrow
A virtual exhibit on the development and history of the Avro Arrow, a Canadian-developed aircraft. The exhibit is organized by subject and includes photographs, archival documents and a full-text thesis written on the subject.

Saskatchewan in Two World Wars
A virtual exhibit chronicling Saskatchewan ’s participation in the two world wars. It is divided into subject categories: enlistment, training, the home front, etc. and includes photographs, posters, newspaper articles and other archival documents.

Saskatchewan Presents: An Exhibition of Theatre and Drama
A virtual exhibit exploring the history of theatre and drama in Saskatchewan. It includes performance posters and photographs of players, theatres, costumes, etc. and is organized by subject categories.

Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association

Guides and Resource Material for Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association
Website contains PDF versions of 20 Resource Guides for debate: includes resources for starting a debate club, hosting a debate tournament, and introducing debate in the classroom. Also includes coach's and judge's handbooks.

SEDA 30th Anniversary Photograph Collection
A PowerPoint presentation on CD-ROM. The presentation highlights a photograph collection documenting the past thirty years of debate in Saskatchewan. Not online.

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society

The Saskatchewan Homestead Index Project (SHIP)
An online index of the homestead records in Saskatchewan from 1870 to 1930 (approximately 330,000 records). The records document the history of the earliest agricultural settlement of Saskatchewan. Full-text of record available only in paper and by request. Not yet available online.

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Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre

First Nations Arts Gallery Saskatchewan
A database of Aboriginal arts/crafts produced by Saskatchewan's Aboriginal people. It includes selected works, and biographical and contact information for the artists. Keyword searchable, or browse by artist name, medium or location.

Aboriginal Faces of Saskatchewan: A Photo Gallery
A collection of prominent Saskatchewan First Nation and Métis persons. The site includes photographs of the individuals and a short biography. The individual biographies are divided by gender and alphabetized.

First Nations Bands of Saskatchewan
Information on the First Nations of Saskatchewan: includes (when available) contact information, history, government, economic development, programs, schools, events, tourist sites. Browse by band name (listed alphabetically), treaty area or tribal council.

First Nations Periodical Index
Index to twenty Aboriginal content journals, newspapers and magazines, including some links to full-text articles. Searchable by keyword under article title, author, journal title, abstract and subject.

Our Elders: Interviews with Saskatchewan Elders
A collection of Saskatchewan Elders' thoughts and histories. Browse by name or search by keyword, name, and subject.

Remembering Our Heroes: Saskatchewan First Nations Veterans
A searchable database of Saskatchewan First Nations veterans with approximately 1000 records. It lists the name, sex, First Nation band and theatre of service for each. Also included are 14 veteran profiles (recollections of the veterans) and a photo gallery.

Saskatchewan Indian: Selected Articles From the 1970 - 2003
A selection of full-text articles from the publication, Saskatchewan Indian. (approximately 1000 articles and 1600 photographs). Topics include politics and government, education, sports, etc. related to the First Nations of Saskatchewan.

The Virtual Keeping House: A First Nations Gallery
An online gallery of the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre's permanent collection (70 items) includes artwork and artefacts. Browse by artist name or artefact category or keyword search. Includes images of the items.

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Saskatchewan Learning, Resource Centre

Alternate Format Collection
Resources for the use of students with print handicaps. Not online.

Saskatchewan Library Association

FORUM - Newsletter of the Saskatchewan Library Association
Website contains links to PDF versions of the organization’s newsletter which is published quarterly. Archives from 2002-present

* Handbooks and Forms of the Association
PDF versions of conference handbooks, board manuals, program manuals, personnel policies, and trust handbooks.

Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre

Members Catalogue
A database of Saskatchewan playwrights and their plays. Searchable by play title, play type (drama, comedy) or playwright. Includes biographical and contact information about playwrights. Play records include a description, the style, the length, etc.

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Saskatchewan Publishers Group

Saskatchewan Book Archives Database
A database of Saskatchewan written, published or produced books (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, government documents, etc.) from 1905-present. Part of Saskatchewan Designations Project.

Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association

The Session (newsletter of the organization)
The Session newsletter from 1997-present. Full HTML version is available. No search function, but articles are indexed and you can browse articles under various topics including: recording and production, artist interviews, features, etc. (under session)

Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

* Collections Database
A database of the museum's collection. The collection covers sport history in Saskatchewan from 1800-present, includes 6,500 artefacts and 3,000 photographs. Staff only access. Not online.

Saskatchewan Western Development Museum

Collection Database
A database with 80,500 records of artefacts in the museum's collection, 1,100 records with attached images. The collection covers Saskatchewan's human history from 1870-present. Not online.

Scotia Bank: Centennial Celebration
A CD-ROM on the history of Scotia Bank in Saskatchewan from 1905-2005 with two separate sections: ‘Bankers from Saskatchewan Reminisce' and ‘A Photo Journey of Saskatchewan History.’ The museum contributed the photographs and text for the photo section. Not online.

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Saskatoon Public Library

Saskatoon: The Early Years
Virtual exhibit: A photographic history of Saskatoon from pre-settlement to 1948, organized chronologically. A joint project with the Saskatoon City Archives.

Société Historique de la Saskatchewan

* Musée Virtuel Francophone de la Saskatchewan
A virtual exhibit of francophone culture and history in Saskatchewan. It includes anecdotal texts about Saskatchewan French heritage, biographies of pioneers, collections of photographs, legends, and songs. Site is currently in French only.

South Saskatchewan Photo Museum

A Century of Education
Online exhibit traces the history of southeast Saskatchewan’s education through pictures and the real life accounts of teachers and students. Includes photographs and video clips. Database of images is searchable by theme and keyword.

Pioneering Photography
Online exhibit of 500 images from the South Saskatchewan Photo Museum. It documents the early history and settlers of the area and focuses on the work of 3 studio photographers who operated in Arcola from late 1800's-1960. Searchable by theme and keyword.

Southeast Regional Library

Estevan Community Access Project (CAP)
Project includes content of 32 full-text local history books, cemetery records, church records and other documents. A Google search allows users to access all materials hosted on the CAP server.

Southeast Saskatchewan Heritage Information Project
Searchable database of Southeast Saskatchewan cemetery records, newspaper articles, maps, photographs.

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University of Regina Archives and Special Collections

Regina College – An Historical Timeline
A detailed timeline of the evolution of Regina College from the early 20th century to 1959. The timeline is augmented with selections from general calendars, yearbooks, student newspapers and other publications. Also included are photographs and a set of interactive maps.

Saskatchewan History Online
A searchable collection of photographs, videos, audio, and textual materials like letters, books, and diaries from galleries, libraries, archives, museums and other cultural institutions across the province. The University of Regina participates in this province-wide initiative to digitize materials relating to Saskatchewan history and heritage.

Saskatchewan's Visual Arts
Saskatchewan's visual arts are celebrated in this innovative online collection consisting of archival photographs, documents, and resource links exploring the provincial contribution to the visual arts since 1950.

Spectacle, Sport & Story: Picturing the 1936 Olympics
This short film features a set of 1936 Olympic trading cards from the Theodore Heinrich collection. It tells the story of the winter and summer games that were both held in Nazi Germany.

Wish You Were Here
Web site of over 4,500 postcards found in eleven archives throughout Saskatchewan, including the University of Regina.

* Finding Aids for the University of Regina Archives
Digitized finding aids for the University archives collection. The finding Aids will eventually be attached to collection description on University catalogue.

University of Regina , Dr. John Archer Library

Electronic Dissertations and Thesis
Library receives paper copies from grad studies which are digitized and made available through ProQuest.

University of Saskatchewan Archives

Balfour Currie & the 2nd International Polar Year
A virtual exhibit with photographs & manuscripts from 2nd International Polar Year (1932-1933) at Chesterfield Inlet, NWT. (Inuit archival images)

Building the University of Saskatchewan
An online exhibit about the construction of the University of Saskatchewan. It includes photographs, the history of buildings and a chronology of construction.

Deo et Patriae: Events in the History of the University of Saskatchewan
A virtual exhibit on the history of U of S. Includes photographs, manuscript images and explanatory text, all arranged by date.

Frederic Harrison Edmunds. The Canadian Landscape
A virtual exhibit on Dr. F.H. Edmunds's (professor of geology) collection of photographs. Images from 1904-1923, illustrating geological formations.

From the Athabasca to the MacKenzie Delta: a journey on Canada's inland waterways
A virtual exhibit which documents the journey that Emrys Jones made from Waterways, Alberta to Aklavik, Northwest Territories in the summer of 1928.

Hans Dommasch: Canada North of 60
Virtual Exhibit: 144 images from Hans Commasch's collection of photographs of the Canadian Arctic and its animals, landscape and climate.

Hans Gruen Postcard Collection
A virtual exhibit of antique Japanese postcards from 1900-1939 collected by Hans Gruen. Images are organized by subject and geographic region.

I've Been to England
A virtual exhibit of Ruth Hood's 1937 trip to England with the Overseas Education League to see the Coronation of King George IV. Photographs, letters, and other archival materials organized by subject. Includes a teacher section.

John Reeves: Portrait of the Woman
A virtual exhibit: selections from John Reeves' photographs of Canadian women taken between 1974-1977 (to document Canadian women of achievement for the International Year of the Woman, 1975). They are organized by subject name and subject profession.

An online archive of Canada’s ParticipACTION program (it promoted a healthy, active lifestyle) from 1973-1998. It includes examples of Television, radio and print campaigns, educational resource materials, and reports on the impact of ParticipACTION.

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool: A History in Pictures
Virtual Exhibit: documents the history and impact of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool through images accompanied by explanatory text. It includes photographs, posters, and archival documents. Items are arranged chronologically and by subject.

Saskatoon Light Infantry
The website contains information on World War II diaries, including a searchable database (by name and battalion order) and sample images of orders and other records. Also includes a PDF listing of casualties from Saskatoon Light Infantry records.

The Changing Face of the Saskatchewan Prairie
A virtual exhibit showcasing images of Saskatchewan grain elevators specifically those taken by Hans Dommasch and Joanne Abrahamson ( Saskatchewan photographers). Images are organized by town name.

The Murray Adaskin Collection
A promotional exhibit on Murray Adaskin, a composer and head of the music department at the University of Saskatchewan from 1952-1966. He donated complete copies of his work to the university. Archival photographs and sample pages of his music are displayed.

The Student Experience
An online exhibit of the history of student life at the University of Saskatchewan organized by themes: sports, social activities, life on campus, etc. It includes photographs and other archival documents.

* University of Saskatchewan Photographic Database
The online database is a sub-set of the Saskatchewan Archival Photograph Database. It indexes the University of Saskatchewan Archive’s photographs, negatives, transparencies, slides, etc. It contains approximately 8,100 items, with 1,400 images available online.

* The Northern Research Portal
Archival, library, and Internet resources for the study of northern Canada and the circumpolar world. It combines several collections and contains a searchable online database of photos and archival documents, several virtual exhibits, teacher resources, etc.

Herstory: An Exhibition
An online retrospective exhibition on the Herstory Project - it provides samples of the pages of Herstory: The Canadian Women's Calendar from 1974 to 1995 which gives biographical information on important women in Canada's history.

Images of a Country: the Canadian Flag Debate
A virtual exhibit of the Canadian flag debate divided into theme sections. It includes archival images, photographs, editorial cartoons, etc. Also has a section on educational resources.

University of Saskatchewan Libraries, Special Collections

Index to Perceptions Newspaper
1983-1997 Index to Perceptions (longest continuously published gay & lesbian newsmagazine in Canada). This index is part of the Saskatchewan Resources for Sexual Diversity project.

Saskatchewan News Index
An index of Saskatchewan newspapers - Regina Leader Post, Moose Jaw Times Herald, Prince Albert Daily Herald, and Saskatoon StarPhoenix (100 full-text articles also).

Saskatchewan Resources for Sexual Diversity
Reference site to books, journals, manuscripts, etc. on sexual diversity in Saskatchewan. Contains chronology of gay movement.

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